It is hard to put the words together about this girl who meant so much to so many. Tolken touched the
hearts of all she came into contact with, her affection, her love was what she touched us with.  Tolken was
an extremely smart girl, she worked us humans when she wanted something such as her favorite Oreo
cookies. The tilt of her head, her nudging you with her nose you just gave in it was a done deal.   She could
sucker anyone, I have no problem telling my dogs no but she just wormed her way so deep in your heart
that no was just not in her vocabulary. Tolken was a great mom, corrected her pups, loved them , and then
weened them of her when the teeth were lets say irritating.  When we brought home Aspen as a pup she
basically took over motherhood to her also.  All were welcome, people and puppies alike. It was one of the
saddest days of my life when the time came for Tolken to join God and all her friends in heaven,but she gave
the look we all dread saying, it's OK, it's my time. No more pain please I just want to run again with my friends
. WE took her in the van with Robbin in the back, giving her some Oreo's one last time.