Spazz takes Winners Dog and Best Of
Winners on Thursday 11/12/09 at the
Central NY Kennel Club In Syracuse
On 07/22/10 Spazz takes Winners
Dog for his first 2 Canadian points at
Limestone City & Obedience Club.
07/24/10 at The Siberian Husky Club
Ontario Spazz takes Winners Dog for
Another 2 point win.
07/24/10 Spazz Wins again taking
Winners Dog at the Limestone Show
again in regular class for yet another
2 point win. One weekend Spazz
earns 6 Canadian points.
08/14/10 Spazz picks up his first
major in the states at Ballston Spa
under Judge Dr. M Woods with Best
of Winners for a 4 point win.
New Canadian Champion