Owning a Siberian
The following information I provide is our own
experiences having over 35 Siberians over the
years. I will say that no two Siberians are the
same. Each Siberian we have had may have
similar attributes, but each seem to have their
own personalities. All of our Siberians are
people friendly, worst case scenario would be
they may kiss you to death, pest you for
attention , and some think they are lap dogs. I
want to repeat, no two will be the same . We
have had very destructive Siberians , chewing
walls, cell phones, remote controls, clothes and
most anything they can find. Whats yours is
theirs and whats theirs is theirs. Also have
some who could careless about anything but
dinner, water , attention and sleep. Siberians
can be extremely stubborn, more so than
humans. The mind set is they will do things on
their terms not yours. If you let them think it
was their idea you have it made.  Given the
chance a Siberian will run when any
opportunity presents itself. They must be
confined to a well established fenced area, with
additional support at the base. It is innate for
them to dig, escape and run. To be brutally
honest, if you own a Siberian and it escapes,
your chances of recovery are slim to none.
Within minutes they can be a couple of miles
away. Grooming a Siberian is pretty simple,
nails, rabbit feet (hair in the pads of paws) must
be removed,  bathing and blow drying. At NO
these dogs are a double coated breed . The
coat protects them from the elements, rain,
sun, and their favorite season winter. They will
shed in major clumps , if you don't want hair in
your food, furniture, clothes, than this is not a
breed for you. We treat our Siberians as well if
not better than our own kids, just ask our kids.
We do not breed year after year as some do.
We study pedigree's to a full extent to ensure
breedings are to compliment and improve on
the breeds existence. We will never breed a
Siberian with faults and medical issues,
examples : cataracts, hip issues, structure
problem. When we place a Siberian in a home it
is going to be worse than a job interview with
people, and we will not hesitate to turn people
down. If at anytime we feel this is not a dog for
you we will tell you, don't feel offended, we
want what is best for you and the dog, creating
a bond for you and your pet is essential, if it
isn't a fit for both, you and the pet will be
devastated. We will assist with any questions
and offer assistance to owners of pets, we
want the best for all no matter what breed you
own, so don't hesitate to call.

Robbin & Scott