Our Sweet Noelle, no words can be said of the  joy you brought into our lives. You
were a character, a bold attitude which kept the boys in line, and a sweetness to all
humans.  Pouncing on mom when you wanted a treat in her pocket to holding Cain
on the ground when he thought he could have his way with you. Keeping the boys in
check seemed to be your job and telling the girls to back off, that you were the alpha
and no one can say different. We don't know why this happened so early in your life.
Maybe God new something we didn't that would have been far more worse than we
could imagine and he thought better to bring you to him now for comfort.
Your mom and I don't understand, why we lost our beloved friend. So
young, so strong, this can't be true, why would God do this to you. It must
be God has got a plan, one we may never  understand. You need to know
we loved you so, our hearts are broken, our tears still flow. You told us it
was time to let you go, so you can run free and play in the snow. Your
spirit lives on in our hearts everyday, have fun now Noelle, go run and play.