For Robbin ,(mom),
When I was born till 9 months old, I felt alone with nothing  to own. Then you came
along and took home, from that time on I was never alone. We shared snacks and
food and drinks and things, the bed the couch those damed conformation rings. I'd
make you cry in the conformation ring, didn't want to be examined by that human
thing. I'd make you laugh in the agility ring, quit half way to do my thing, go visit
people outside this ring. 13 years we've been together, your life of happiness and
stormy weather. When times in your life got bad, I would love and comfort you so you
wouldn't be sad. I was yours for all that time, you loved, and cared for me and that
made you mine. My cancer was a  bad thing, but your love for me kept me from
suffering. Thank you for not being selfish, I was weak and tired of this anguish. I'm
up here running without any pain, met new friends who feel the same. Spirit, Jonda
and Walker say Hi, we are free and happy so don't you cry.
Love you always mom,
Special K.