7/27/08 Kingston, Ontario Best of Winners for her first 2
point win
6-20-2009, Kalee takes Winners Bitch-Best of Winners-Best
of Opp at Kingston Ontario Dog show for a 3 point win.  
Way to go Kalee!!!!!!!
June 18th 2010 Kalee picks up 1 of her final
points at the Kingston District Kennel club with
Winners Bitch and Best of Opp. Under Judge
Joan Beach

05/23/10 At Wyoming Valley Kennel Club in Batavia NY, with her
Breeder Susie by her side , Kalee takes winner Bitch for a 2 point win  
under Judge Mrs C Hubbel .This little girl can
really fly.
06/06/10 at the St Lawrence Valley Kennel Club , Kalee is Winners
Bitch under Judge Lester Mapes . Keep on rolling Kalee.
08/20/10 Kalee takes winners Bitch for another
American point at the Susque-Nango Kennel club.
On 08/21/10 at the Tioga County kennel Club Kalee
takes the Winners Bitch spot light again for another
American point and handled by her Breeder Susie L
for a little fun time.
 New Canadian Champion