AKA the Harleekins, you my dear were the hardest kid to figure out. You were so light on your
feet it was difficult at times to see if any were even on the floor. You would show fine one day and
act afraid the next. I truly believe you just wanted to keep mommy and myself on our toes. You
were a sweetheart just like your mommy, not a mean bone in your body and such a lovable dog.
Letting you live the rest of your life with your brother Raz and Paul and Diane was the best
decision we made for you. You had so much love and attention and were spoiled to the end. We
all miss you, we wish you and the rest would last as long as we do, but we also know you show
us how to love and want us to pass the same love to the net generation of pups. Run free
Harleekins, your with the rest of your litter mates now, play hard and play long.