Gods Back Yard
We are in Gods yard now,
we run and play, no streets
no fences are in our way.
We walk with god, and
family and friends, it seems
like playtime never ends.
The grass is green with lots
of trees, the hills are
endless and a perfect
breeze.  When sadness
struck us that final day, we
both knew it was the only
way. I couldn't run or eat or
sleep, it hurt to much to
even creep. We had a
friendship, a bond so true,
you looked at me and knew
what to do. I saw your
sadness and heard you cry,
that moment before we said
goodbye, but don't be sad
and don't you worry, I'm in
no pain now but have to  
hurry. My friends are
chasing me , I feel like a
pup, we play all day we
never give up. I have to go
now, as so do you, we must
move on, we've got things to
do. Until the day we meet
again,  I will always be, your
best friend.