can you get a little closer,
my nose is cold.
what?? never seen a puppy
Where did ya go?, I
got all the toys here !!
thanks for letting me crash
what do you think kid,
got room for dessert ?
Love my belly rub
a couple more siberians
and I might get warm.
did you hear that, I heard
something, me too.
she's my human,
back off boy !
ooh this feels sooo good
dont ya just love the
feel of leather
even babies need a rest
Thanks to all of our family and friends
a meeting of the minds
at the Spa
Robbin and Donald
discussing the meaning
of life !  {dogs shows}
great looking Shar-pei
are'nt I
Nick, quit winning, your
ribbons are blocking my veiw
wish I was home
watching drag racing
dreaming of the breed
ring with Sun
how do you get out of
this thing
Budd's menu, pulled pork
sounds good to me.